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Buying and Selling Real Estate Properties in Croatia

If you're exploring Croatia for more than a holiday experience, you will find some excellent real estate and properties opportunities. From quaint little villages in Istria and Dalmatian hinterland, to the majestic coastline, you will find old stone houses and island studio apartments that are great buys.

   Buying and Selling Properties in Croatia
Buying House in Croatia

Buying House in Croatia

Investing in property can be a wise choice if done properly. By buying a house or an apartment in Croatia you can combine two purposes - have a holiday and an investment property in one.

Buying Property in Croatia

Buying Property in Croatia

EU citizens can buy property in Croatia with the same rights and Croatian citizens. Non EU citizens may need approval from the Croatian ministry of justice in order to purchase.

Croatia Real Estate

Croatia Real Estate Market

The demand for Croatian properties and real estate has been on the increase every since the country became a member of the EU. Good knowledge of the local market is important.

Dubrovnik Property Types

Dubrovnik Property Types

This Croatian city has developed a great reputation as a holiday destination. If an idea of international living appeals to you, this could be the right spot for you to look for a suitable investment property.

European Real Estate Hotspot

European Real Estate Hotspot

As an EU and NATO member, Croatia became an European real estate hotspot. Many foreigners have chosen Croatia as their second home, either to retire or to set up a business.

Moving With Your Family to Croatia

Moving With Family to Croatia

Have you been looking to move to Croatia, as many have done over the years? Be mindful of the COVID-19 travel warnings. Get tips on finding best accommodation for your family in Croatia.

Property Investing in Croatia

Property Investing in Croatia

Being part of the Mediterranean and a popular tourist destination, Croatia has a constant appeal for private property investors. Shop around to find a sound property that will pay off in the long run.

Real Estate in Croatia

Real Estate in Croatia

In addition to attracting holidaymakers each year, Croatia also attracts foreign property buyers, looking to buy an apartment, a house, or a villa, either inland or especially on its coastline.

What You Have to Know for Buying House in Croatia

What You Have to Know

Looking to buy a house in Croatia? There are different things and options you should consider, before you go into property buy. We give you a more detailed look at different aspects of it.

Liberalized real estate market

In the past, if you are a foreign citizen, you'd have to set up a company here in Croatia, through which you can then buy a property. The costs weren't all that high, but the proces took a year or longer, just to set up.

But when Croatia became member of the EU, one of the bills Croatian Parliament passed was the Bill on Property, as part of its SAA (Stabilisation and Association Agreement) with EU. This bill grants EU citizens equal rights to purchase property in Croatia. It excludes agricultural land and protected national and cultural property.

Non-EU citizens still need approval from the foreign and justice ministries
in order to purchase a property here. This approval is granted only to the
citizens of the countries with whom Croatia has signed the agreement of
reciprocity. This agreement has been signed with many western countries,
including the US.