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How to become our contributing author

The content of this site is mostly written by our editorial writers. But it's our guest authors or writers that add spice to this site, with their own takes and knowledge on a theme.

Over the years we have had many contributing authors, most of whom chose to stay anonymous. Fair enough.

But there are those who decide to get featured here and perhaps use their guest posts here as a reference for contributing their articles to other sites.

   Authors and their guest posts
Diana Smith

Diana Smith

A full-time mom of two beautiful girls, Diana has published one guest post on this site.

Guest author Edwin Smith

Edwin Smith

While no author information was provided by Edwin, he has published 3 guests posts on this site.

Guest author Elizabeth


Lifestyle blogger with a passion for educating her readers, Elizabeth has published one post.

Guest author Emma Metson

Emma Metson

As a guest author with one guest post, Emma has written post on energy efficiency of old buildings.

Hannah Derby

Hannah Derby

A proud Economics major and an enthusiast of the hot trends in the global industry, Hannah has published one post on this site.

Guest author Kay Burton

Kay Burton

A lawyer and real estate agent, who likes helping people acquire property, Kay has published one post.

Ruby Andrew, guest writer

Ruby Andrew

A guest writer and a blogger from the UK, Ruby has published one article on this site.

Guest author Thomson Milan

Thomson Milan

There is no author information available, but Thomson has published two guest posts.

We are always on the lookout for new guest authors. If you are interested in writing on the topics of real estate and property, we'd be happy to hear from you. Contact us with your topic ideas, or just send your guest post when ready, with or without Author bio.